I'm no longer warmth...
I'm no longer feeling warm...
I'm no longer able to keep myself warmth..

Without a heart...

I'm sorry that I'm cold..
I always feel cold...
The coldness of u...
Constitutes the Deepest sadness to me..
May it's not the coldness of u..
It's just no longer that warmth..
I shouldn't treat that as cold..

I'm sad.. I'm weak..
I'm smiling but dying inside..
I do not wana expect anything..
But it still drags me to the deepest blackhole of sorrow..
All the memories float..
Reminding me that it's over
& may it'll not be that way again..
Wat i can do?
I'm sad & in pain everytime thinkin of this..

If this can't be helped to recover somedays..
N Pain constitutes that much..
I would wana run away..
To somewhere that no1 knows...
To somewhere new...
To have my life..
Though is without a heart... But hopefully..
It'll feel better...