Beta 1st Sem will always be the Best Sem.. Best Moments.. Best Days of my Life..
Because I have u..
Good things may not continue on..
But with these GREAT moments.. I'll walk with them down my life..

You once asked: If i ever fall... would you catch? or would you just watch me fall?
My Ans: I'll always be there to catch u..

It's still pain.. It's still tears..
My Love to You is Sincere...
I'm no longer warmth...
I'm no longer feeling warm...
I'm no longer able to keep myself warmth..

Without a heart...

I'm sorry that I'm cold..
I always feel cold...
The coldness of u...
Constitutes the Deepest sadness to me..
May it's not the coldness of u..
It's just no longer that warmth..
I shouldn't treat that as cold..

I'm sad.. I'm weak..
I'm smiling but dying inside..
I do not wana expect anything..
But it still drags me to the deepest blackhole of sorrow..
All the memories float..
Reminding me that it's over
& may it'll not be that way again..
Wat i can do?
I'm sad & in pain everytime thinkin of this..

If this can't be helped to recover somedays..
N Pain constitutes that much..
I would wana run away..
To somewhere that no1 knows...
To somewhere new...
To have my life..
Though is without a heart... But hopefully..
It'll feel better...


Trying to use watever means... To NUMB myself..

Trying to do everything.. To NOT to THINK...

Trying to sleep thru days n nites.. To make it hurts less..

Trying to smile to everyone.. Though is DYING inside...

Trying to think of ways to humor myself.. But it is NOT working..

Trying to avoid everything.. Just not to accept the TRUTH FACTS..